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Standouts Fall/Spring 2014 Jewelery Collection








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The newest and latest best fundraiser is the combination of a GOOD QUALITY gift and variety catalog as well as a frozen food tag catalog.  The most common words heard in fundraising today is "we want to try something new".  That is a great thought and sometimes works but more often than not, just brings frustration.

The oldest and most profitable fundraiser, the gift catalog, can still bring in the money that so many organizations desperately need to fund all the items on their "budget" to do list.  It works well for several reasons:  1) the price range is usually such that families and friends can find a lot of nice choices for under or around $10, 2) the items are easy to deliver to friends, family and coworkers because they are nonperishable 3) Profits are generally higher running typically around 50%.   All that being said, choosing to run only a gift catalog fundraiser year after year can also run stale after a time.

  Frozen food catalogs ALONE can be 1) Expensive- most items on these catalogs run well over the $10 mark leaving no inexpensive choices, 2) since they are perishable you are at the mercy of the parents to pickup the product at school in a timely manner.  3) Profit on these products usually runs a low 35 to 40%.

The best choice to bring higher profits and the best variety to your parents is to choose a good quality gift catalog- with lots of variety in not only products, but in price range as well.  Those who don't want to spend the money for a frozen food item or deal with "perishable pickup" can always find great choices here.  In addition, tag the gift catalog with a good frozen food catalog that satisfies the tastes of the families that say they just "can't find anything to buy" in your gift catalog.  

The last and final piece to the Great Fundraiser Campaign Puzzle is a motivating prize program.  So many of the prize programs offered are just "token" prize offerings for the company to say they are offering you something.  A good prize program will be "age appropriate" for all ages participating.  If you are running a campaign that entails ages from kindergarden up to sixth grade, then your prize program should appeal to all involved.  If not, change it up!  The biggest mistake that a lot of companies make is an inappropriate and "cheap" prize program.  You'll know when a company spends a lot on their prize program.  Those are the companies that give quality to get results!  Fundraising without a good prize program is like sailing without the wind---- You won't go anywhere!

Stick with this wining combo fundraiser and enjoy a VERY successful fundraising campaign!



This year while everyone else sells the same old stuff you can break through to a new success with Top Quality Bulbs and Plants. This is a unique and different fundraiser that will be an instant hit! These products are 100% guaranteed to grow and are top of the line quality products sure to give you a lifetime of beauty. These flowers will also multiply over time thereby giving your customers more garden for their money!

You make 50% profit on every sale

We ship directly to your customers which means NO PICKUP OR RETURNS

Colorful face to face catalogs

Online easy-to-use program to allow friends and family accross the country to participate and help you meet your goals

Expert help with great customer service

100% money back guarantee


We want to do whatever we can to help your fundraising project succeed! That's why we provide you with everything you need to have an effective campaign!

We will provide to you...

Beautiful, Full-Color Brochures
• Collection Envelopes
• Leader's Tips & Checklists
• Order Forms
• A Fundraising Expert will be assigned to your organization!

"Flower Power Fundraising" plants are proven performers. Schools, churches and many other organizations everywhere have generated revenues beyond their expectations! Not to mention, everyone loves flowers because flowers make the world a beautiful place!"

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Heartland Bakery

Heartland Bakery offers a variety of treats from cookie dough to pretzels, desert bars, to funnel cakes and French Bread Pizza. There is something tasty that everyone is sure to love.  How can you resist these SWEET TREATS!

The cookie dough in this brochure comes in tubs or proportioned for your convenience and is State Board of Health certified to have a shelf life of 21 days.  What does this mean to you?  It means that even though your cookie dough is delivered frozen, it can set out for up to 21 days without being frozen or refrigerated.  That’s because it’s made from all those wholesome ingredients that our grandma used to leave out on the counters when we were young – (pasturized) eggs, butter, etc.

Contact us for the cookie dough only brochure – the Premium Collection.


Fundraising Tips

Fundraising is an important source of income for many organizations. For many, coordinating a fundraiser can be a daunting task. At Mid-States Fundraising we work hard to make your fundraiser a fun and profitable experience. Here are some tips to help make your next fundraiser a success.



Catalog Sales: Profitable, Easy To Run

"Tips for success, dos and don'ts, and easy ways to increase profits for your next catalog fundraiser. Product fundraising is probably the oldest form of direct-contact fundraising for schools. Some product sales companies have been around for 50 years or more. And more companies have entered the market in recent years as school districts cut back on their funding and PTOs look for ways to supplement the coffers." - read more at  PTOToday.com



We are back this year with three brand new brochures with low prices and high profits  for your organization!  A perfect fundraiser for High School organizations, Middle Schools, Elementary Schools, Church Youth Groups, or a Sports Team looking to raise  funds to meet your goals, these three brochures will do the job for you.  Use them alone, or as a tag with another of our products.  Either way, they can work for you.




Our supplier's newest fall catalog is titled "HAPPY HOLLY DAYS".   The catalog is filled with high quality new products, many exclusive to this supplier! With our catalog you will experience higher sales and more profit than ever before.  We have a majority of the catalog at $10 or less - a must in this economy.  Available end of February. Call for a packet!


Matching prize program of Individual Prizes for each student covered by our supplier!

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