We at Mid States Fundraising are offering a lot of choices, in fundraising, for your families to purchase what they would normally buy anyway.  Why shouldn't your organization benefit from those things when your parents aren't going to stop buying them? Lot's of old choices with a new twist!  Gift catalogs don't have to be boring with all the newest additions!

If you feel that a fundraising gift style catalog is still something that will work for your school, ours is full of great quality items for your families and friends with the majority of items priced at $10 or less and includes new "voucher" programs for those who love giving the gift cards for convenience and variety.  Our profits are comparable to anyone out there, and we promise you service that is unbeatable.

Do you think that you would rather choose from items that your families might find more appealing because it is food related and something we all need to survive?  We have nonperishable foods that are fun and interesting.  If you can support the perishable items, we carry the David's cookie dough that tastes just like grandma used to bake, as well as gourmet pies, and the well loved "Zap A Snack" Pizza.  

SOME PEOPLE ARE COUPON LOVERS!  We have the newest in entertainment style coupon books with the "Enjoy the City" also known as the "Save Around" book.  This book is definitely something that works in any  economy.  Who doesn't love coupons!  There are new cities being printed so if you are curious about where you live, just ask us.  

There is also the $1 items that you can try, such as our green fundraiser "Smencils".  You get to keep $.45 to $.50 of each smencil sold.  That's a great profit to earn while selling something necessary (pencils are great for any age) and fun. In addition to that, we have the gourmet lollipops and the kettle corn.  

Love Flowers in Spring?  Who doesn't!  Why give the nurseries all the money instead of giving some back to your organization.  Now, we have teamed up with one of the oldest mail order companies around to give you the best fundraiser you can get in Spring or Fall.  Not only do you NOT have to worry about pick ups and returns (HOME DELIVERED TO YOUR CUSTOMER'S DOOR), but you are selling a product with a lifetime warranty -those perennials  keep coming back year after year! You can also be comforted in knowing that your customers are paying the same price for these products from you in supporting your organization, that they would pay if buying them directly from these companies.   

There are lots of others to choose from, but we hope that we have given you some great fundraising ideas  to select from in this ever changing economy.  Don't let our kids go without if we can make it work.  We are here to help, and we hope that you will let us!!Contact us for a packet of information!



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