Heartland Bakery

Heartland Bakery offers a variety of treats from cookie dough to pretzels, desert bars, to funnel cakes and French Bread Pizza. There is something tasty that everyone is sure to love.  How can you resist these SWEET TREATS!

The cookie dough in this brochure comes in tubs or proportioned for your convenience and is State Board of Health certified to have a shelf life of 21 days.  What does this mean to you?  It means that even though your cookie dough is delivered frozen, it can set out for up to 21 days without being frozen or refrigerated.  That’s because it’s made from all those wholesome ingredients that our grandma used to leave out on the counters when we were young – (pasturized) eggs, butter, etc.

Contact us for the cookie dough only brochure – the Premium Collection.